1. I can see very dramatic results.

    After having only two cellulite treatments I can see very dramatic results. I’ve followed all the aftercare instructions that Beth gave me by drinking the water and exercising. I’ve been exfoliating also because I know that helps with detoxifying. There is no pain during the treatment, and it actually felt somewhat relaxing. I will be continuing with the treatments as needed, and will probably go ahead and do the abdominals as well! I totally recommend Beth and the Cryo T Shock cryotherapy!!!

  2. I totally recommend everyone

    After 2 sessions I’ve lost 4 pounds and 1 1/2 inches off my waist. I’m very happy with my results so far and will definitely continue with my treatments to complete the recommended five. Thank you so much. I totally recommend everyone give the Cryo T Shock a try!

  3. Beth Is Amazing!

    I had my first treatment with Beth today, a slimming and toning session on my stomach, and the treatment was fantastic. Beth is an amazing therapist and I’m excited to see my results after I finish my series.

    Abby C
  4. Im actually excited about moving on to the next service

    I must admit after my 2-3 treatment I started seeing results that I dreamed of. It really works. Im actually excited about moving on to the next service that Beth offers because im all abut anti aging. Not to mention that Cyro Body provides a world class experience. Make sure you ask for Beth!

    Terry J.
  5. You won’t regret it!

    I have been so uncomfortable with my midsection for a few years now and I have tried everything! Diet working out anything you can think of and still have issues. I found Cryo body and decided to give it a try from the pictures I saw and I am so happy I did!! She knows what she is doing! She can help any area you need to lose weight or cellulite and also injuries too! She helped heal my sprained wrist and did my midsection. I have never had results like this before in my life! And it stays off! My midsection looks incredible and lost so much fat in only 2 sessions!! I am so excited about cryotherapy and recommend everyone I see that says anything negative about their body or their problem areas!! Go to Cryo body!!! You won’t regret it!

    Bree M.
  6. Amazing treatment!

    I had shin splits for over a month and after two pain management treatments they were completely gone, and I was able to run a 15 K without difficulty. I will definitely be getting more treatments as I need them!! Beth was so caring and answered all my questions without hesitation. I highly recommend cryo therapy for all your pain relief needs or ALL the other things that the Cryo T Shock can do for you.