I’ve been in the spa industry for over 16 years as an esthetician and massage therapist. In all those years I’ve heard two statements over and over. The first one is “Will you just rub that fat away”? and “Is there anything I can do to get rid of my cellulite”? I would just laugh and say that it’s nearly impossible but I was always left feeling like there must be a way to help these women. I did some research and found that cupping massage will help with minimizing the appearance of cellulite so I took the course. I started performing “cellulite cupping massage” and it did work, not always though, but it was very painful for the women. Of course, it didn’t get rid of the fat.

In early 2018, I was introduced to the Cryo T-Shock machine and I was completely blown away by what it can do for women’s cellulite issue. This is definitely the best treatment on the market at this time. It is not only pain free but it actually feels like a nice relaxing massage, AND it is performed with no anesthesia, there is no down time, and it’s far less expensive than other cool sculpting devices. It will eliminate cellulite, and help the body rid itself of fat in those stubborn areas that diet and exercise just can’t fix. It will help tone and tighten upper arms, abs, hips, inner thighs, above the knees, and back. It not only tones the body but also the face. It will help with toning the jowls, neck, and decollete. But not only is it a fat blaster, cellulite eliminator, it can be very beneficial in relieving pain both acute and chronic.

My mission is to bring body contouring to as many people as possible because this is what I’ve been asked for so many years, and I’ve finally found something that works. This is an excellent treatment for the pageant industry, local models and actors, and anyone who wants to feel better about the appearance of their skin.